Since we started our service in the sector in 2003, we set our goals always in the forefront through our commitment to continuous development and through the projects that we developed thanks to this determination to work as well as to our capability of following technological improvements, we have justified proud of supporting our project partners.

Our company started its business under the name of Ento communication and consultation services and developed solidly through the good of quality and trustwowrthiness of its services.

Our company set the organization business as the main business activity in the framwork of its communication and consultancy services packet. Additionally, many organizations including fairs, conference and congress management and branch meetings have been organized successfully so far. As a result of this intensive activity agenda, our company gathered all its activities under the brand name of Ento Group in 2012.

Running its business acitivities in education sector by school organizations, Ento Group took its position in this sector through agreements with 37 synergy points.

Improving its success rate in the sector through Zıp Zıp Intelligance Academy and Genious Toy Projects, Ento Group feels the right proud of launching new projects for 2019.